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Our Story

H S E Medical Laboratories was founded more than 20 years ago as a trusted clinical laboratory offering a range of services such as food testing, blood testing, alcohol and drug testing and other. All the specialists at our labs are committed to provide our clients a holistic service to help them have a clear diagnosis and treatment of their medical disorder.

Thanks to the experience and reputation we have managed to build along the years, we are proud to be leaders in medical laboratory analysis. With our expertise we ensure you the best trusted advice in the industry with high-quality and reliable tests that really matter to your health.


We assist private patients and business companies by providing a vast selection of tests such as workplace drug and alcohol testing, food handlers screening, routine health checks, veterinary testing and more. All conducted with our advanced technological equipment, at H S E Medical Laboratories we ensure you accurate results!


Although the feeling of that slight pinch from a Phlebotomy procedure might make you uncomfortable, it is crucial for your doctor to obtain detailed results required to diagnose and apply the appropriate treatment for a medical concern you have.

70% of medical decisions are taken on the basis of such laboratory data.

A Blood Test Behind The Scenes

Following the simple blood extraction, there is a complex diagnostic process involving specialised equipment and technicians in order to analyse and gather the information on your health.

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