A wide range of medical lab services for a vast client base

Our complete team of specialists takes care of various medical tests. Whether you wish to undergo a general health check-up or you have been advised to do a test by a medical professional, we have a full list of tests. To help your doctor identify a diagnosis, a medical test in relation to your suspected condition is very essential. 

Any tests which are not offered locally are carried out through subcontracting with our international medical laboratories.


Medical Professionals

As part of our customer database, we offer our services to healthcare providers, clinics, General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Care Homes, Insurance companies and also Veterinary clinics.


A patient can opt to contact H S E Medical Laboratories directly, either for a general health routine or to undergo a specific test such as a paternity test or other. We also offer a range of tests related to allergies and food intolerance.


Through our Company Health Programmes we help companies screen their employees with a variety of pre-­employment and pre-­placement medical tests. Various company services include drugs and alcohol screening and screening of food handlers. However, any Company Programme can be customised to the organisation’s requirements.

Companies that have benefitted from our Company Health Programmes include hotels like Corinthia in what regards food handlers screening and pharmaceutical companies.

Specimen Collection By Courier

If for a reason or the other you cannot come to our labs for the test or prefer to do it in the privacy and comfort of your home, our qualified staff can come to you to take a sample.

This service is strictly provided on appointment basis and involves the payment of a nominal fee.